Why Eyetrak?

At Eyetrak, we have invested heavily in our technology and after sales care to ensure that you have the best possible reliability coupled with excellent customer service to maximise your savings and minimise issues. With a fault rate of under 0.1%, you can concentrate on saving money, not the accuracy of the system.

A host of features coupled with competitive pricing and a service level agreement for every client, the Eyetrak system offer exceptional value for money.

Stop Engine Idle

Leaving your engine running for no reason can cost 4 litres per hour, so you can do the maths and see how easy this is to save money. Our simple idling report highlights any drivers not switching their engine off appropriately making it easy and straight forward to manage.

Reduce overtime

Full visibility of your staff working times mean you see exactly what hours are worked making it simple to cross reference against their overtime claims. Alternatively why not use our automated reports to automatically calculate their working times?

Stop private usage

By seeing out of hours usage, you can easily reduce costs significantly meaning the you save on fuel, maintance and insurance as well as complying with HMRC.

Route Planning and Optimisation

Plan thousands of jobs and routes in two clicks and just seconds with our market leading optimisation solutions.

Connected Navigation

Send and communicate messages and jobs to the latest TomTom Pro devices

Sign on Glass Solutions

Our sign on glass solutions mean you can customise mobile forms to capture data on the road including barcodes, signature, images or virtually anything else you would like

Exclusive Insurance discounts

By utilising our partnership agreements, you are able to receive a discount by having our tracking solution installed with our preferred insurance partners.