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Eyetrak offer a fully managed end to end solution offering you the best value vehicle tracking solution on the market. With updates every 30 seconds, and our 100% web based solution gives you the latest fleet information at your fingertips.

The vehicle tracking device that keeps you in touch with your vehicles:

  • Receive live updates with 30 second reporting
  • Manage driver behaviour
  • Insurance approved
  • Easily and quickly see on site times
  • Monitor early finishes and late starts
  • Reduce speeding by viewing local speed limit violations
  • Locate the nearest vehicle
  • Generate automated emails straight to your inbox

ET4000 Benefits

The Eyetrak ET4000 gives you all the information you need to save time and money, and increase the productivity of your workforce.

How It Works

The Eyetrak ET4000 is a vehicle tracking device that can be installed flexibly and quickly into any vehicle and our installations can be carried out 7 days a week including evenings and weekends at no additional charge. It delivers driving and vehicle information directly to our web based portal, which you can view on a map live along with a comprehensive set of live or automated reports.

Improve Driver Performance

The Eyetrak ET4000 monitors your speed to two decimal places and delivers to you a simple report including any local speed limit violations.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

The Eyetrak ET4000 monitors your drivers’ harsh braking and accelerating to help reduce accidents, improve insurance premiums and lower your maintenance costs through driver improvement on our easy to use driver behaviour report.

Reduce Overtime Claims

By monitoring the Eyetrak reports, you are able to highlight start and finish times to accurately see the exact time your vehicles leave sites and therefore reducing overtime claims. Customers’ have reported overtime claims reducing by 30% without implementing any form of management

Improve Customer Service

With the Eyetrak ET4000 there is no more guessing where your vehicle is or calling the driver adding further delays – click and see exactly where your driver is live. Significantly reduce the stress of both the office and driver, as well as being able to instantly notify your customers to improve your service level and image.