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For Grey Fleet (Company cars/privately owned vehicles)

It’s one of the most frustrating area’s of administration for both the business and member of staff – mileage claims. Managers get frustrated as staff don’t complete mileage claims on time, and staff complain that mileage claims take too long to do, and they can’t remember where they’ve been.

We really don’t understand why you would continue with these frustrations, when we have a ready made solution available for you to take away stress, work, and automate your mileage reports. What’s more you’ll see vehicle and staff productivity go through the roof, whilst also improving your fuel consumption by improving driver behaviour.

Get full control of your fleet with the leading vehicle tracking device and business/private option

  • Get automated reports covering mileage, trips, time spent on location and driving behaviour.
  • Optimise efficiency of your teams on the road.
  • Empower your staff to spend more time with customers.
  • Drive down fuel, maintenance and insurance costs.
  • Reduce administration for your drivers and your back office.
  • Option to record private mileage whilst removing address data, giving staff privacy of their personal time/journeys.

Automate your mileage reports

Staff can press a button to change between business or private mileage, automating your mileage reports for you and providing a simple, clear and concise mileage report detailing business and private mileage.

Time based Mileage Reports

If your vehicles work to a similar pattern (8am – 5pm etc), you simply can assign working hours to vehicles and sit back whilst our system e-mails you your automated business/private mileage report on a weekly or monthly basis.

Automate Timesheets

See what time your staff start work, get to site and finish work. Great for customers where your staff travel from home to site without coming into the office. With our system, there’s no need to, you have full visibility of everything that is going on, meaning your customers are happy, you are in control, and your staff don’t have to field any calls, they can just get on with the job.

Improve driver behaviour and reduce maintenance costs.

See a league table of your drivers’ performance in one click, with a graphical view of who is improving and who needs more help.

Use this data to improve driver behaviour and habits to increase your efficiencies and ensure and your fuel goes a bit further.

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