Eyetrak | ET3050

Eyetrak ET 3050

Next Generation Technology

The Eyetrak ET 3050 is a flexible telematics solution built for both Fleet Management where managers are charged with improving safety, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Also for Insurance Telematics or Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) for Pay-As-You- Drive/Pay-How-You-Drive programs, which give the consumer and even fleets, more control over their insurance premiums through driver behavior reporting, speed violation alerts, distance and duration traveled, and time of day reporting.


  • Industry leading small plug-and-play form factor for simple self-installation
  • Flexible wireless network technology options (GPRS, CDMA, CDMA®2000, and HSDPA versions)
  • Advanced application customization through Smart Agent programmable rules and event engine
  • Tri-axis advanced digital accelerometer for motion detection and driver behavior reporting
  • ”Disconnect Alert” for when the device has been removed from the vehicle’ s OBDII port
  • No external SIM access for tamper resistance